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Litigation in Los Angeles

Our firm handles many different types of commercial and business litigation in Los Angeles including contract disputes, shareholder litigation, business disputes, and real property litigation.  Our clients know we are highly capable of handling even the largest cases because we consistently deliver.

We represent people just like you and businesses just like yours.  We represent both defendants and plaintiffs in our general commercial and business litigation practice areas.  We will help you look at all aspects of your case and present the risks and costs versus the benefits of settlement or mediation and assist you in making the right decision for a positive resolution.

At the Chimienti Law Firm, our team of experienced litigators provide a wide range of counseling and legal expertise to businesses, corporations and individuals throughout the Los Angeles area. We provide full service litigation and trial representation to a diverse array of industries, business types and individuals.

Commercial and business litigation can be complex and usually presents unique facts and situations. Our approach is to develop a sound strategy thorough factual investigation and understanding of the specific statutes and laws that apply to the situation our clients face. Our primary goal in every case is to provide the best and most cost efficient representation to our clients.

No matter how complex your case may be, our attorneys and legal team will be there for you during all aspects of your case whether it ends up in formal litigation, mediation or arbitration. The Chimienti Law Firm, Los Angeles is a team you can count on.

Because of the sometimes immense scope of commercial and business litigation, our firm uses a team approach to provide you with the best representation available. We will provide you with experienced litigators that will handle your matter in the best way possible. Below is a list of types of matters we handle:

Contract and real property disputes
Business litigation and valuation disputes
Commercial landlord/tenant disputes
Construction litigation of all types
Product defect defense
Personal and property damage claims
Administrative proceedings
Collection matters
Mechanic’s lien litigation
Franchise agreement disputes
Real estate claims, including title disputes, zoning, land use and ownership rights, non-disclosure issues and other related matters
Injunctive practice
Non-compete and Employment Agreements
Securities litigation

If you are in need of a top-notch legal team to handle one or more of the above matters for your business or as a personal matter, fill out the Quick Contact form to the right or call us at 323-939-3004.