bigstock-Cannabis--40775086If you are one of the lucky 135 dispensaries still eligible to operate in Los Angeles, you are facing some uncertain regulations pertaining to your location and compliance with the ordnance.

Owners and managers will have to undergo criminal background checks.  If your location is near a residential area or too close to a school, you may have to move.  And, then there’s the issue of back taxes.  Until the city lays out the specifics of how they intend to regulate and enforce the Measure D ordnance, a lot of owners are nervous.

Fortunately, the Chimienti Law Firm is here to assist you with all issues relating to compliance with the city.  We have been in close contact with the City Attorney’s office and are involved in discussions regarding a public meeting to be held in the near future.  The City plans to educate and inform the remaining dispensary owners to help them comply with Measure D.

If you are a dispensary that is either been determined to be ineligible or one of the 135 dispensaries grandfathered in, you should contact us immediately for information regarding how Measure D will affect you and your business.