Hundreds of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are set to close or get fined after the passage of Measure D where Los Angeles voters determined that unless you were in business prior to September 2007, you are considered a nuisance under the ordnance and face $1000’s of dollars in fines if you continue doing business.

With the legislation, there are now only 135 eligible to stay in business of the approximately 800 shops currently operating.  Here is a list from the city of the current Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and their eligibility status.

The real question on people’s minds is how many of the 135 pre-September 2007 clinics still exist.  Some say that less than 100 are actually still in business.  I’ve heard the count could be as low as 40.  This could mean that many medical marijuana patients will have to travel great distances to get their medical marijuana in Los Angeles.

The real impact of Measure D will be the enforcement of the nuisance abatement when many of the shops do not close their doors in the appropriate time frame.  How long will this drag on?

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